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Building Strong Families Through Property

Many of us don't think about buying and selling our property because it feels so messy and unnecessary. Why go through the hassle to move house when we are so comfortable now? 

But properties are like fresh produce and have its life cycle. If you can manage it well, it can do wonders for you and your family.

After all, a strong foundation at home can make you feel strong and confident to brave the world. 

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At PrisLowxProperty, we want you to enjoy this magical journey.

It doesn't always mean that you have to sell/buy now.
It's about knowing what your best options are and how it aligns with your family's plans. 

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The Common Questions

Should We Sell Our Property?

It is as easy as A-B-C, our proven 3-step framework will give you instant clarity on the financial commitments and the possible outcomes if you sell vs you stay.

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HDB or Condo, Resale Or New Launch?

Sometimes, your options may seem endless. When we present these options to you - its financial weight and its logistical needs - in a simple flowchart so that you can compare and consider easily in your property wealth planning journey.

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What Property To Buy?

At this stage, we will do the heavy-lifting and plough through the data using a 7-step review to study the plausible options that are within your comfortable budget. It is not about what we say. We let the facts tell their story to identify projects that have possibility of profits while meeting your needs. All you need is to review the ranked list.

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Latest Land Sales

You may wondering... Why should I be concerned about land sales? Land sale price is like a crystal ball. Knowing the land sale prices, we can then compare their possible breakeven point against current prices to identify good gems.

It is not about what we say, but what the facts and figures say (as at Sep 22).

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Park View Mansions (Sold Jul 22)

Site Use: Residential, 99yrs

No. of Bids: 1 (enbloc)

Developer: CEL, SingHaiYi and TK 189

Est Selling Price: Est Breakeven $1,700 psf + 20%

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3 Bishan Place #05-01, Singapore 579838

+65 8847 0541

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