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3 Things We Wished We Knew When Selling Our HDB

When my husband and I sold our HDB, we learnt of many missed opportunities that we never knew. 

When we shared what we had learned with our friends and colleagues, they did not know about these opportunities.

The more we share our story, the more we realise that a home is just like our health - it also needs regular checks. 

Due to our ignorance, busy schedules, or mere procrastination, we often choose to do nothing about it, and ultimately, we lose out.

Are you like that too? Like us, a few years back. 

This is why I became a realtor, to help more people with my story.
Interested to know more about the costly mistakes often made by homeowners like us, take a few minutes to read our story.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes E-book: Homeowners' Guide To Smart Real Estate Decisions

We have condensed our story into this e-book. It is a lovely and easy read to learn about the common mistakes that homeowners often make without knowing it. 

The Common Questions

Should We Sell Our House?

Let me hold your hands and walk with you step-by-step through this journey. We will do a health check for your house and see if it makes sense to stay or sell. There is 'no one size fits all' solution.

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HDB or Condo, Resale Or New Launch?

Each family has their own plans, hopes and dreams. Share your thoughts with me and I will explore the various options and its pros and cons. You won't be alone cos together, we will chart out a unique and comfortable path suitable for you and your family.

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What Should We Buy?

Sometimes, the myriad of options can dazzle and confuse buyers. Don't worry because I will do the heavy-lifting for you and plough through the market using a comprehensive 7-step review. It isn't about what I say, but what the data and facts tell us. Your decision will be backed up by evidence-based research, real numbers and market trends.

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Latest Land Sales

You may wondering... Why should I be concerned about land sales? Land sale price is like a crystal ball. Knowing the land sale prices, we can then compare their possible breakeven point against current prices to identify good gems.

It is not about what we say, but what the facts and figures say (as at Sep 22).

Enbloc sale of Park View Mansions and its expected selling price during the launch. Unlocking Future Property Trends: Understanding land sale prices today can provide valuable insights into the potential direction of property prices tomorrow. Stay informed, stay ahead!

Park View Mansions (Sold Jul 22)

Site Use: Residential, 99yrs

No. of Bids: 1 (enbloc)

Developer: CEL, SingHaiYi and TK 189

Est Selling Price: Est Breakeven $1,700 psf + 20%

3 Bishan Place #05-01, Singapore 579838

+65 8847 0541

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