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My Promise To You

As a realtor, Pris Low vows to stay true to herself and conduct each transaction with full transparency, honesty and integrity.


Her clients' interest will be above her own interest. Always.

All About Pris Low

Pris Low has close to 20 years' experience in the non-profit sector - representing consumers in their conflicts with retailers and advocating for the less privileged in our community.


Her social service background has helped her to be sensitive and attentive to her clients' needs and feelings so that she can prepare them, both financially and emotionally, to welcome their new homes. As a realtor, she have enjoyed journeying with:


  • Senior clients to right-size their homes and declutter their lives to welcome retirement and have sufficient funds for their days ahead.

  • Families to relocate to new homes with strong, unique features that will give them good holding value in the future.

  • Couples to upgrade from their HDBs to private properties and be ready for new avenues of passive income through home rental.

Why  Clients Love Her

She thrives because she does not tell her clients what to do. She hears their needs and explains the options to them. She respects every choice made by her clients because she feels that there is no wrong decision as long as the decision meets their needs and they are aware of the possible pitfalls and prepare well for it.

She looks forward to each interaction with her clients because it is about knowing them better and being part of their lives, even if they don't engage her services. As long as they have learnt something useful from her, she have done her job.


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