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Today I will do what others won't.
Tomorrow I can do what others can't.

-- Jerry Rice --

Hear My Comeback Story

I am a marketing specialist - which involves creating content to give a voice, a personality, an identity for the company's brand and what they stand for. 

I love my work, very much indeed. I love the work satisfaction, the team camaraderie and the taste of self-discovery in learning new skills to excel at work. But it also drains me in many ways. Like many of us, being in the rat race means having long working hours, getting urgent timelines, facing the dreaded performance appraisal, feeling the pressure of the relentless KPIs and many more. 

As a working mother to a young daughter with medical needs, and a daughter to my aged parents, there were occasions that made me realised that I am totally replaceable at work but I am not replaceable at home. Home should be my real life.

It is hard to change who I am at work. Once I am involved in a project, I will stay committed and I have habitually sidelined my family. This is when I felt a need to change the work environment, one where there are less instances of me choosing between family and work. 

This is when I left the rat race to explore other careers.

Abstract Background

Hear About My Change

What's The Life Of A Real Estate Agent?

With full control of your time, you arrange your time around your family schedule.


Now, I am fully present for my family in the day. I fetch my daughter from school every day and I am the first to hear about her day. I have time to work with her through her homework and see her grow and blossom. If the weather is hot and we have pockets of time, we can bake a bread together and enjoy a good bonding time.

What is my typical day?

MORNING - Research and write blog articles, attend trainings, read up on property news, go through the leads database to plan touchpoint details and content

AFTERNOON - Spend time with family. If she is out for enrichment lessons, I can contact my leads, or prepare research for clients on their property journey

EVENING - Zoom with leads/clients, conduct viewings, message leads/clients, spend time with the family

NIGHT - Blog on website/social media, review lead generation activities, catch up on my Netflix

What Does It Take To Be A Real Estate Agent?

1. Discipline

With full control of your time, we often find ourselves wasting it away. For example, it is easy to sleep in cos it is raining today and soon it will be a habit to wake up late. Or it could be that I don't like to door knock so I am gonna skip today's session and soon I stop door knocking totally.


As an realtor, you must be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and try different prospecting activities. You need to master your mind to do things that you don't like until you find a comfortable and efficient groove in your lead generation process. 

Without leads, you won't have any closing. Without closing, you won't have income. It is a numbers game, keep doing it and you will be one step closer to your closing. 

2. Positivity

In all honesty, it isn't easy to engage cold leads. They are wary and cautious because they don't know you. I would be too, especially with the rampant spams these days.


Stay positive. Be their friend and be patient. Let them warm up to you slowly and periodically send them information that they may find useful.


Be assuring and keep an open mind. Not all interaction will lead to conversations.  Not all conversations will lead to closings. It will take time, fate and two hands to clap. 

3. Resilience

People may be rude, unkind and disrespectful to agents. They may have certain perceptions due to some unpleasant past encounters or we could be engaging them at the wrong time, wrong place, wrong day.


Don't take it personally. It is not an accurate reflection of your abilities and your character. All of us are doing honest work to put food at the table for our family.


Yes, we may face more rejections than other jobs but be resilient. Do not be overly inflated when your clients praise you, don't be severely deflated when your clients reject you.


Be confident of yourself. Master your mind not to be affected by the things around you. You are your own best cheerleader and your own best critic. 

Thinking of becoming an agent?

Come chat with me to know how I, in my early 40s, made the transition from a non-profit non-sales environment to become an award-winning agent. Many have asked me if I will ever go back to a 9-to-5 job? Have a chat with me and I will let you know. 

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