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[Updated - Sold] Villa Verde Terrace For Sale: A Review of A Choa Chu Kang Landed Home

Updated: May 23

Villa Verde Terrace For Sale: A Review Of A Choa Chu Kang Landed Home. One of the lowest price quantum landed homes in Singapore. 3-storey inter-terrace, over 1900sqft of land, 3,000 sqft of built-in area, car porch for 3 cars and priced at $2.3Xm with over 70 years lease.

Choa Chu Kang, often abbreviated as CCK, is located at the northwestern part of Singapore. It is strategically centred between towns of Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, the upcoming Tengah and Sungei Kadut. This town comprises various sub-zones such as Choa Chu Kang Central, Choa Chu Kang North, Yew Tee, Teck Whye, Keat Hong and Peng Siang.

Choa Chu Kang Sub-Zones Map
Choa Chu Kang Sub-Zones Map (Extracted from:

Today, we are going to venture to Villa Verde, an exclusive tranquil landed enclave at Choa Chu Kang North which is built between 2000 to 2002 by Keppel Land [aka the black area in Choa Chu Kang North]

I have just secured an exclusive to sell a 3-storey inter-terrace home in this awesome neighbourhood so let's review the following for this newly listed unit.

General Info About Villa Verde


Keppel Land

Number of Units:

515 Terrace Homes (3-storey)


Most are North-South facing, though some along Verde View and Verde Crescent could be East-West facing

Remaining Lease:

Estimated 72 Years


2000 to 2002


D23 Dairy Farm, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang

There are about five to six roads within Villa Verde with Verde View as the main entrance and Verde Walk as the secondary entrance to this big estate with more than 500 terrace houses.

Map of Villa Verde: Verde View, Verde Crescent, Verde Walk, Verde Place, Verde Avenue
Map of Villa Verde: Verde View, Verde Crescent, Verde Walk, Verde Place, Verde Avenue

Verde View

Villa View (see red text), the main arterial road at Villa Verde that connects the front of the estate at Choa Chu Kang North 5 road to the back of the estate along Kranji Expressway (KJE). The front stretch of Verde View may see more car traffic flow as it leads to the other sub-roads of the estate. There could be higher volume of curb side parking during weekends, public holidays and festive seasons. The back stretch of Verde View along KJE is quieter in terms of car traffic plus it ends with a cul-de-sac.

True to its name, the homes along Verde View have the advantage of a different view compared to the rest of Villa Verde where they face their neighbours' homes. The front stretch of Verde View enjoy the beautiful view of the Pang Sua green corridor from the back of their homes while the back stretch of Verde View, and where my listing is located, faces rows of lush greenery along KJE.

Verde Walk And Verde Crescent

This is another entrance into Villa Verde, albeit one that is less busy. Apart from the few homes along Verde Walk (see pink text), this road also brings you to Verde Crescent (see yellow text). Aptly named as Verde Crescent, this C-shape stretch of road also starts from the Choa Chu Kang North 5 road til the second last row of homes at Ville Verde.

Villa Grove, Verde Place, Verde Avenue

These are the side streets that extend from the main arterial Verde View road. As they are located further from the main roads, these homes enjoy a more tranquil living environment thought they would need a longer walk to the nearest bus stops. Verde Grove and Verde Avenue also connects to Verde Crescent, allowing them to have easy exit to Verde Walk if needed.

ABOUT MY LISTING: It is located at the back stretch of Verde View where it offers the idyllic lush view of the greenery and the added privacy for your home. Unlike the front stretch of Verde View which may get the afternoon west sun, the back stretch is generally North-South facing with a cool interior. And yes, it also faces the expressway so do expect to hear the background traffic sounds.

Type Of Homes At Villa Verde

First up, all the homes at Villa Verde are three-storey high. Some have an additional roof garden while the others have the classic pitched roof. The exterior style of the homes adopts a resort feel that gives a comfortable and classy feel to the estate.

Rows of Inter-Terrace At Verde View
Rows of Inter-Terrace At Verde View [Extracted From Google Earth]

There are two types of landed homes at Villa Verde - inter-terrace homes which makes up for about 75% (or 397 units) and corner terraces which comprise the remaining 25% (about 118 units).

Inter-Terrace vs Corner Terrace

An inter-terrace house is sandwiched between two homes and both walls of the house are shared with their neighbours. Corner terrace is the home that is end of the row and they only share one wall with their neighbour.

An Illustration of Inter-Terrace Vs Corner Terrace
An Illustration of Inter-Terrace Vs Corner Terrace

Because of their position at the corner, these corner terraces usually have a larger land area, making them suitable for homebuyers seeking ample space. These homes may also have a more appealing atmosphere, as they may have more windows to let in the cool air and ample light into its interior. With only one common wall with their neighbour, there is also increased privacy.

Despite their advantages, corner terraces are more expensive due to their larger size, and they are often in limited supply compared to inter-terrace.

Land Sizes

While all the units are 3-storeys, they do vary in terms of their land sizes. For the inter-terrace homes, most of the units (close to 300 out of 397 units) have a land size that is about 1,615 sqft. These units will allow parking for one car within their homes. For those who are looking for an added edge in terms of land sizes, there are selected 39 units along Verde View and Verde Crescent that have land sizes beyond 1,900 sqft. This will allow you to park up to three cars, and if conditions allow, you may also have the option to increase the built-up area of your home.

A Car Porch At An Inter-Terrace At Verde View
A Long Car Porch At An Inter-Terrace At Verde View

For the corner terraces, their typical land size is about 2,153 sqft due to the added garden at the sides of their unit. There are also some units that have bigger land space, up to 3,468 sqft.

ABOUT MY LISTING:: It is one of the rare 1,900+ sqft inter terrace units where you can enjoy a big car porch area and/or the option of increasing your built-up area subject to approval.

Interior/Layout Of An Villa Verde Inter-Terrace

Although there are varying land sizes, most of the units have an built-up area of about 3,000 sqft. Let's take a look at the floor plan of my listed unit:

Car Porch

Information About The Minimum Setback For Inter-Terrace House At Verde View On URA Website
Information About The Minimum Setback For An Inter-Terrace House At Verde View On URA Website

This unit enjoys an 11m-long rectangular car porch which is big enough for three cars. According to URA website, the minimum setback to the road in front of the unit is 7.5m. This means that the buyers may be able to extend the living area of the unit as long as the car porch is at least 7.5m long, subject to the authorities' approval.

First Floor

Illustrated Floor Plan Of An Inter-Terrace At Villa Verde. Note: Map may not be drawn to scale. Actual onsite measurement recommended.
Illustrated Floor Plan Of An Inter-Terrace At Villa Verde. Note: Map may not be drawn to scale. Actual onsite measurement recommended.

When you enter into this unit, you are greeted by a spacious living area. Located next to it is the dining area which you can easily place a round dining set. There is a powder room located next to the dining for the guests' usage. Next to the powder room is a room that can be used for many purposes e.g. guest room, a mahjong room, an entertainment gaming room or a granny's room. This room can comfortably fit a single bed, side table and wardrobe.

Tucked aptly at the back is the dry kitchen and wet kitchen. If you wish, you can easily combine the two kitchens and/or have an open kitchen concept with dining area. At the backyard area, there is a laundry area or helper's room on the left and a WC on the right.

Second Floor

On the second floor, there are two bedrooms with ensuite toilet. The room facing the lush greenery is the spacious bedroom. It can easily house a king-sized bed and many other furniture such as a massage chair, a threadmill, a private TV area, a study area or more.

At the entrance of the bathroom is the walk-in wardrobe with two rows of full height cupboards. The master bathroom is very spacious and fully equipped with dual-vanity counter, bath tub, enclosed shower area and a WC.

The other bedroom is at the back of the house where it faces the neighbour's unit. The room is sufficiently large enough to house a king-sized or queen bed, study area, closet area with an ensuite bath.

Third Floor

If the first two floors offers a homely spacious feel, the third floor gives off a sunshiney bright vibe. At the top of the stairs, you will be greeted by an air well that offers ample light and air flow. Those with children or grandchildren may use this area as their water play area. Some neighbours have also converted this into an indoor family area.

There is a bedroom that is facing the greenery. This is the smallest bedroom in the home, but still spacious to put a super single bed and wardrobe. You also have the option of combining this room with the original family area for a more spacious feel.

If you wish to keep this family area, this can be a family corner or a mahjong area too. On the other side, there is the 4th bedroom with a jack-and-jill toilet. This bedroom is also spacious for a super single or queen bed, wardrobe and study area.

ABOUT MY LISTING: The configuration is highly similar to the rest of the units. Since this unit will need a renovation, owners have full control to reconfigure and customise the space to their needs.

Surrounding Area Review - Transport Accessibility, Amenities And Schools

Transport Accessibility

Map Of The Nearest Bus Stops For Residents Of Villa Verde
Map Of The Nearest Bus Stops For Residents Of Villa Verde

Villa Verde is being served by two nearby bus stops - one along Choa Chu Kang North 5 with one bus service and the other along Woodlands Road with more than five bus services.

My listed unit on Verde View is the nearest stretch to Woodlands Road. According to google map, it is a short walk of 500m to the bus stop and along the way, you will enjoy the sights and sounds of the Verde View Park, Villa Verde Bridge and Villa Verde Nature Playgarden.

Once you are at the bus stop at Woodlands Road, you are spoilt for choice for buses that head to Bukit Panjang MRT or Choa Chu Kang MRT. For those who are avid Malaysia fans, there is a direct bus at Woodlands Road that will bring you straight to the Woodlands Checkpoint.

For drivers, the KJE entrance is just a stone's throw away, and it's a 20mins drive to Jurong Business Park and 30mins to CBD.


Nearby Amenities For Villa Verde: Villa Verde Park, SAFRA Choa Chu Kang, Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Hillion Mall, Yew Tee Point And More
Photos Of Nearby Amenities For Residents Of Villa Verde: Villa Verde Park, SAFRA Choa Chu Kang, Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Hillion Mall, Yew Tee Point And More

Within a short 20mins, you have the option of various shopping malls and entertainment options

  • Villa Verde Park: Recently opened on 4 Nov 2023, Villa Verde Park optimises the use of the area below the Kranji expressway and adore it with new playgrounds, dog play area, fitness corners and a miniature traffic park for children.

  • Park Connectors: The Pang Sua park connector is just a few steps away and it offers an awesome scenic walk along the Rail Corridor route

  • Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Swimming Complex and Tennis Centre: Just take a 5-minutes walk down Verde View to the cul-de-sac and there is a side gate that will lead you to various outdoor sports activities.

  • SAFRA Choa Chu Kang: Walk about 15mins through Villa Square and you will find the coolest and newest kid on the block. SAFRA Choa Chu Kang. Be wowed by the sheltered 50m infinity pool with glass wall, bowling, darts, karaoke, Bouncetopia by Kiztopia and many more

  • Yew Tee Mall and Yew Tee Shopping Centre: Definitely an easy one-stop mall for your nearby shopping needs and neighbourhood shop

  • Lot One: Managed by Capitaland, you don't expect less from this commercial giant. With more than six floors and close to 150 shops, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to any shopping demand.

  • Hillion Mall: One of the easiest malls to visit from Verde View, this 4-storey mall is home to more than 100 retail shops. It is also integrated with a bus terminal with bus routes to various part of Singapore.


There are four primary schools that are within 1KM of my listed unit at Verde View, including the popular South View Primary School which would require the 1KM requirement for Phase 2B and Phase 3 for a chance of balloting.

Photo of South View Primary School [Extracted from Straits Times Article]
Photo of South View Primary School [Extracted from Straits Times Article]

In 2021, South View Primary School was reported to be one of the most popular primary school in Singapore with 134 children vying for 20 places.

  1. Kranji Primary School

  2. South View Primary School

  3. Teck Whye Primary School

  4. Yew Tee Primary School

What I Like Most

(1) Seeing A Diamond In The Rough

This unit may be in original condition, but can you see its potential? I recently adopted a pet dog that had to be re-homed. He looked shaggy with long fur covering his eyes. The next day, I took him for a grooming session and boy oh boy, look how bright his eyes are. Many have asked me if they are even the same dog!

Photo of Dog Before And After Grooming

Similarly, I believe that this unit is also a diamond in the rough. Some buyers told me that the unit didn't vibe with them, or that this unit was too dark. It is understandable because we are so used to having cove lighting or LED strip lighting in our homes. For this unit, the owners are still using the same light cover that the parents have chosen when they first moved in. The covers may have yellowed but it still works tirelessly to give light to the family.

The parents are hardworking folks who have been busy making a livelihood to bring up their children. Their funds, their resources and their best have been given to their children and thus the home may seemed lacking. But this home is home sweet home for them - it is a solid shelter for the family that have witnessed many happy memories of birthdays and joyous occasions. Every corner has a story, every space has its memories.

Today, the children are in university and the parents have aged, and they hope to find the next family to give new life to this unit.

(2) Buy The Difference

I always believe in buying the difference, if you can. In an estate with over 500 units, buy the unit that is different from the rest. It can be in terms of internal decor/type, land area, location etc.

Statistics About Villa Verde

Number of Units

Bigger Land Area

Corner Terrace

  • There are 118 Corner Terraces and half are about 2,153 sqft.

  • There are 24 units that are more than 2,500 sqft.


  • There are 397 Inter-Terrace and about 3/4 are about 1,615sqft.

  • There are 39 units that are more than 1,900 sqft.

Do note that internal decor could be subjective as it requires regular maintenance, and also some designs may not stand the test of time. What is defined as modern today may look dated in a few years' time. For those with bigger land size, do remember to do on-site checks to ascertain if the extra space are useful areas that can be re-purposed meaningfully.

My listed unit is one of the few 39 units [less than 8% of the whole estate] that has its space loaded strategically at the car porch. With this advantage, you can turn this unit into THE difference. You can make it into a lovely garden landscape, or build a koi pond, or expand your living area. Along the row of Verde View, there are less than five units that have expanded their homes.

If you renovate and transform this unit, it will have two strong distinctive draws - one of the newer renovated units when you intend to re-sell this home + larger land area/built-up area.

(3) One Of The Friendliest Neighbourhood in Singapore

远亲不如近邻 - this should be a familiar Chinese idiom that we would have heard. It means that a near neighbour is more valuable than a far family.

Here at Villa Verde, they are not just an estate of landed homes. They are a family of homes, looking out for one and another. Each street has their respective group chats to encourage healthy and happy community living. They receive updates about group buys, help each other with their lost pets and keep an eagle eye of any suspicious character.

Yes, this old school kampong spirit is very much alive at Villa Verde, and this spirit has even won them a national title out of 234 submissions in 2023 - One of the friendliest neighbourhood in Singapore, under the Singapore Kindness Movement. Here's a video about it.

Quote Extracted From Singapore Kindness Movement About The Strong Community Spirit At Villa Verde
Quote Extracted From Singapore Kindness Movement About The Strong Community Spirit At Villa Verde

The residents are so united that they have come together to make a booklet about the history and happenings at Villa Verde. Click here to read all about it. Don't be surprised if your neighbours come knocking on your doors with a basket of homegrown harvest!

(4) Best Value

My owners are simple folks. To be honest, did we try to talk to them about changing the lights to LED versions and/or give the walls a fresh coat of paint? Yes, we did and they declined.

We also discussed with them to throw out the old furniture and do some home staging. The home staging company even allowed them to use the rented furniture during the staging period. They still declined.

Was it because they had to pay for it? No, cos I offered to undertake the cost as part of the transaction fee as I believe that these steps will help to bring up the transacted price and the difference could be enough to cover the cost of this work.

Why did I suggest that? Because I have received bank valuation for this unit and a few banks have provided an estimated valuation of up to $2.6m. Because my owners know that this unit will require works, they would prefer to lower their asking price to $2.35M to pass the savings to the new buyers.

To them, why pay unnecessary money? Cos the buyers will definitely add false ceiling and re-paint the house anyway. Why not wait for the right buyers and pass these savings to them to transform this home.

(5) A Different View

Yes, many buyers would say it is OK to face the neighbour's house cos this is so common among landed homes. But if you can have another view, why not? Of course, this view comes with a little cost because of the sounds from the expressway. My current home is by the road too. Yes, there are road sounds that have become background noise. According to the sound monitor, here are the various sound measurements:

  • If we are standing outside at the car porch, it is about 70+/- decibels

  • If we are inside the home with the door open, it is about 60+/- decibels.

  • If we close the door, it is about 50+/- decibels

What do these numbers mean? Here's an idea of the noise volume:

Sample Sound Level Chart In Decibels
Sample Sound Level Chart In Decibels

Is the noise level a deal breaker for you? Well, there are pros and cons. If you are OK with the background noise, this unit will offer your lots of convenience e.g. being closer to the Woodlands bus stop for every day commuting, easy access to the park connector for healthy active lifestyle and an overall less 'concrete jungle' living environment.

(6) Transformational Beauty

I was chatting with my brother who resides in US, and he is surprised that this original condition house is not a hot spot among Singaporeans. In US, the residents love a makeover and that explains why there are so many reality TV series about remaking their homes. They would love this home! In Singapore, the first show that comes to my mind is RenovAid which is an initiative to help low-income families to transform their homes.

Photo of Current Home Condition Vs Proposed Reno Design
Photo of Current Home Condition Vs Proposed Reno Design

Perhaps in our mind, we are conditioned to buy well-decorated, well-maintained, move-in condition homes. Because it may save us the hassle and pain of going through the renovation process from shortlisting the contractors, choosing the materials, checking the works and more.

Sometimes clients pay premium for these ready-homes and when they engage the contractors for some minor refurnishing, it may end becoming an entire rework. I have seen it a few times.

Initially, they only wanted hack down a kitchen wall for an open concept kitchen. To do so, it will impact the cabinet structure, the floor beneath it, and the tiles on the kitchen wall. Eventually, they are torn between accepting the kitchen as-is versus tearing down the whole kitchen. Some are able to accept that it is silly to tear down a nice and almost new kitchen. But I have seen some who ended up renovating the place. Why - because this house is for home-stay and they would want to it to be a place that they feel happy every time they step into the house.

One client told me, 'can you imagine - every day I step into the house and my wife sees that 'hand-me-down' kitchen and starts nagging that we should have just renovated the kitchen'. Ouch, totally understand his point. So he chose to tear down the kitchen because happy wife happy life.

Here, at this unit, there is no heart pain when it comes to revamping the place. You will be able to own the entire transformational process and style it to your favourite colours, feel and design.

Recent Sale Transactions Of Inter-Terrace Houses At Villa Verde

These are the recent transacted prices of Inter-Terraces at Villa Verde as at 15 Nov 2023, and the transacted PSF ranges from $1,208 in Jan 2023 to a record high recent Nov 2023 sale at $1,480 PSF.

My listed unit is 1,945 sqft with a listed price of $2.35M which works out to be about one of the lowest transacted $1,208 PSF for the inter-terrace (excluding the corner terraces). Furthermore, listed price is still negotiable!

Table Of Recent Transactions At Villa Verde As at Nov 2023
Table Of Recent Transactions At Villa Verde As at Dec 2023


At an attractive $2.35M price tag, Villa Verde offers you one of the lowest price point for landed properties in Singapore. Similarly, this could be your exit strategy in the next few years.

Land in Singapore has always been a scarce asset and land for landed property has never increased in the past decades. It has consistently maintained at about 5% in Singapore. Open only to Singapore citizens, landed homes remains a prized and highly sought-after lifestyle for many of us.

With the spillover effect from the million-dollar HDB homes and high resale prices in the condo segment, leasehold inter-terrace homes with its attractive quantum has become a very attractive option for many families as one of the most affordable landed options.

[UPDATE] This unit has been sold, but there are still many more gems at Villa Verde waiting to be uncovered. Come contact me to pick up more hidden treasures for you at Verde Villa and in the Choa Chu Kang area.



PrisLowxProperty - Clients' Interest Over Mine. Always.

Pris Low has close to 20 years experience in the non-profit sector - representing consumers in their conflicts with retailers and advocating for the less privileged in our community.

Her social service background has helped her to be sensitive and attentive to her clients' needs and feelings so that she can prepare them, both financially and emotionally, to welcome their new homes.

She has thrived because she doesn't tell her clients what to do. She hears their needs and explains the options to them. She respects every choice made by her clients because she feels that there is no wrong decision as long as it meets their needs and they are aware of the possible pitfalls and prepare for it.

Her Clients' Interests Over Hers. Always.

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