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Semi-Detached @ 7BJB - What Make Them Tick?

  • Located at Jalan Berjaya, the landed enclave within walking distance to Bishan MRT

  • On sale - a pair of 3.5 storey semi-detached homes

  • Each home comes with five bedrooms with ensuite toilets, two-bedder maid room, kitchen, huge living and dining area and the convenience of a home lift

  • Master bedroom is at top floor and comes complete with walk-in wardrobe, indoor bath, outdoor bath and balcony

One of my mantras is to recommend projects that I would buy it for my family, and 7BJB is one of those that makes my heart buzz. Just its name alone is a winner - Jalan Berjaya means 'go forward and succeed'. Oh, what a wonderful way to start each day. This, of course, is just the tip of the ice-berg for that sweet rush feeling.

Now, for the real reasons that would shake the gold nuggets out of your pockets:


With only 5% of the limited land in Singapore that is designated for landed property, 7BJB offers you a rare freehold tenure aka permanent ownership of this land for your generations in the years ahead.

Let's look at the demand and supply. For last 10 years, the supply of landed homes trails far behind HDB and condominium units. Unlike the land for HDB and condominiums where the plot ratio could be re-evaluated to allow more units, landed properties would remain limited in quantity.

On the other hand, there is a growing group of high net worth individuals in Singapore. According to Straits Times (23 Jun 2021), Singapore’s number of millionaires could increase by more than 60% from 2020 to 2025. The Wealth Report by Knight Frank also supports this trend - Singapore is now ranked third in the world in its fastest-growing 'ultra high net worth individual' populations. With a low supply for landed homes and a potentially growing pool of buyers, this points towards higher possibility of price appreciation in the future.


Its location is impeccable. Located in the highly sought-after district of Bishan, and a mere 750m walking distance to the dual-line MRT interchange, this is a gem that will continue to shine for eons. It is just five bus-stops away from the Thomson-East Coast line and in 2030, it is one stop away from Ang Mo Kio Interchange along the Cross-Island line.

Right at its doorstep, there are over 10 buses that would bring you to any part of the island, from Pasir Ris to Kampong Bahru to Jurong East. Driving is also a breeze with its close proximity to CTE, PIE and Lornie highway. Being at the central point in Singapore also means that it is a 30-minute drive to most parts of the island.


Those who are familiar with the Good Class Bungalow scene will know this boutique developer, Soh International. If you google their background, you will find that they are the ones behind the record sale of 2 Cluny Hill.

Accolades aside, which is easily found on the Internet, what matters most is their expertise and eye for gems. According to Soh International, height matters when it comes to building landed homes. An ideal site should be on elevated ground as it commands a better view. Also, it allows more room for creativity to create the perception of space. With a good design and layout, the house can feel much bigger than it is.

And it is also auspicious to have a water feature in front of the home. Thus, Soh International always makes it a point to locate the swimming pool in front of the homes that they develop. Needless to say, both of these attributes are found in 7BJB.


Award-winning Singapore Architect, Edmund Ng will be the man behind the design of this pair of semi-detached bungalows. His works are often featured in Tatler, CNA Luxury and various newspapers and magazines in Singapore.

Internationally, he has also participated in the prestigious Venice Architecture Biennale, and worked on international projects such as the Montigo Resorts with experience in various countries such as China, Bhutan, India, Philippines etc.

Feast your eyes on his portfolio of contemporary tropical homes that are showpieces of clean and modern aesthetics.


With the lethal combination of Soh International and Edmund Ng, what you can expect is 1+1=3.

What do we mean? This land sits on a two-storey semi-detached site, but the developer is able to construct a 3.5 storey home. How do they do that? By leveraging on the elevated ground, the developer team has the necessary expertise and experience to build a basement level while keeping within the height control to construct a home that has a maximised gross floor area of over 7,000 sqf.

Be assured that the home would come adored with quality furnishing. Think marble flooring, V-ZUG appliances, and an option to work with the developer to keep the basement as a private car park for six cars, or to crave out an additional entertainment area for your family and guests.

Want to know more about this project and the floor plans? Contact us now!


KA-CHING... And the price tag is...

Each semi-detached home is up for sale at $8.8m. Those who wish to have a private yet connected family home, you can purchase both units under one owner's name or buy the land direct from the developer and work with your independent contractor to develop the dream homes that would be customised to your every need.

Contact me today to know out more about the various sale options and its pricing.


In conclusion, this would make a wonderful home for families and their future generation. This home would be the coveted buy for those who love bespoke architectural design, its exclusive maximised floor area of the finest luxury and the satisfaction of owning a crowned jewel among its peers. This is not a purchase of a rock that would require nurturing and polishing; it is about owning a rare diamond of exceptional qualities which will be perfectly cut and optimised to bring out its brightest brilliance and sparkle.

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